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Swedish thrillers with humour and dark undertones

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June 3 2021

Shortlisted for Crimetime Award Debutant of the Year 2021.

THE BEACH/ STRANDEN ranked #2 most popular audiobook on Storytel, stayed among "most listened this week" on BookBeat all summer and climbed the charts of Swedish book retailers. 100 000 copies sold in Sweden. ​


“A trend-sensitive combination of excitement and feelgood that skilfully connects the present with the 80s. This is a debut of grit and charm, as well as a well-balanced mix of drama and entertainment. We like the colorful characters and look forward to following them in the series we feel confident that the author laid a solid foundation for with this book.”
Motivation for the CRIME TIME AWARD nomination / SWE

”Congratulations – we have a new Crime Queen!”
Kustboktanten, Pocketgrossisten

“Stranden is a wonderful feelgood thriller that mixes the investigation of the old and the fresh murders, the secrets of the small town and the relaxed everyday life of the cat hotel. And it’s nice to read about a female protagonist who faithfully runs the taste of blood in her mouth but in return she eats only chips or cake and champagne for dinner – without the self-adjustment that female protagonists usually comment on.”
Publisher at Minerva / FI

THE BEACH/ STRANDEN is the first book about former police officer Lina Lantz, with stand-alone sequels to follow.

It's 1988 and 16-year-old Peter and Erik are in the midst of a long summer break in the small coastal town of Sandinge, in the south of Sweden. Suddenly Peter disappears. All that is left behind is clothes with blood stains. 

The case eventually gets cold.

Lina Lantz has never fit in, anywhere. Once a talented police investigator, she has left everything after a kidnapping gone wrong.
She heads to her 92-year-old grandfather in Sandinge, with a suitcase full of books and her two cats. 
When a boy is found dead on her beach, she reluctantly gets pulled into the investigation. Her discoveries soon lead her to that summer of 1988, when Peter vanished.

THE BEACH/ STRANDEN is Anna Breitholtz Monsén's debut novel. 
It's the first in a series of stand alone sequels.

Swedish publisher: BOKFABRIKEN 

Rights sold to
FINLAND: Minerva Kustannus
NORWAY: Strawberry Publishing/ Bonnier Norsk Förlag

DENMARK: Bokfabriken

Reach out to Grand Agency to find out more.

A Young Man with a Notebook


Oct 20 2022

THE CASTLE/ SLOTTET is the second book about former police officer Lina Lantz. It's a stand-alone sequel, with at least two more to follow.

Unidentified human bones are found in a forest owned by a private castle. The owner of the castle, a eighty year old iron lady is reported missing. Former police Lina Lantz gets pulled into the case by her grandfather, who knows the family. Lina would rather celebrate a calm Christmas with her cats and books, but when the case unfolds it takes them back to the eighties and further back in history. 

International publishers are very welcome to contact Anna’s agent:
Grand Agency.​​

Swedish publisher: BOKFABRIKEN 

Rights sold to FINLAND: Minerva Kustannus


Words from readers about Stranden
"This is not cozy mystery, this is something new."

"Love how she writes the characters, how the details make them come alive."

"One of my best book experiences this year!"

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